Benjamin J Lillico

Benjamin J Lillico

Team captain Ben Lillico, from Waterloo, Ontario, graduated from the Culinary Management program at Niagara College in 2014. As a student, Ben won the bronze medal at the national Chaine des Rotisseurs competition in October 2013, and the gold medal at the provincial competition in May 2013.

He became interested in becoming part of Junior Culinary Team Canada to enhance his culinary skills, to develop the art of glazing, and to master his competition skills. As team captain, he is always ready to provide advice and guidance, and preaches the four ‘Cs’ to his teammates on their journey to the Olympics: Calm, Clean, Collective and Canadian.

He currently lives in Waterloo and works as a culinary associate for the Charcoal Group, which represents several restaurants in the Waterloo region.

“Seeing this team progress is like watching a family grow … what’s important is how each member has been able to dig their roots and have a positive impact on each other. Our diversity is one of our strongest assets. Words cannot describe how hard our team has worked to get to where we are today. There has been endless sacrifices that have been made – relationships, jobs and lots of sleepless nights. We would not be where we are today without the blood sweat and tears put in by each and every team member.”