Team Members

  • Benjamin J Lillico

    Benjamin J Lillico

    “As young chefs, our team showcases what our nation has to offer in the sense of maturing talent. With such a diverse and committed group of individuals, we are able to come together as one to show what the next generation of professionals has to bring to the table.”

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  • Carly Bergshoeff

    Carly Bergshoeff

    “At first, representing Canada was only words to me, I did not have the first hand experience to relate it to, but now I can say with all certainty after my first international competition, it is much more than that.”

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  • Daniella Germond

    Daniella Germond

    “Representing Canada is very exciting to me. Competing alongside many exceptionally talented people and being trained by knowledgeable chefs is just another highlight of the whole experience.”

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  • David Ross

    David Ross

    “Putting that maple leaf on my chest is one of the most rewarding opportunities I could possibly experience. From the moment I wake up, I know I do not just represent myself, I represent all of Canada and I find that really exciting!”

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  • Jeremy Gilligan

    Jeremy Gilligan

    “As a first generation Canadian, I am proud to represent the country that accepted my family so that they, in turn, could provide me with opportunities to create a fantastic life for my daughter and I. Being Canadian means to do your best, win or lose; hold your head high, and represent yourself and your country well. I am extremely excited to do exactly that. It’s a dream come true.”

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  • Megan Proper

    Megan Proper

    “To represent your country is to stand strong and be a leader while setting a good example for others. It means to wear our maple leaf with pride.”

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  • Robbie Aggarwal

    Robbie Aggarwal

    “Being on Junior Culinary Team Canada has taught me so much about the industry and always has me thinking “how can I strive for perfection?”. […]competing in the world Olympics in 2016 perfection is the only thing that is expectable[sic].”

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  • Scott McInerney

    Scott McInerney

    “Team Canada is the culmination of everything I have work toward. Having Team Canada on my shoulders represents the perfection I strive to achieve every day. Junior Culinary Team Canada is an honour that we must represent with pride.”

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  • Trevor Littlejohn

    Trevor Littlejohn

    “I am truly blessed to be a part of this competition. I will do my best to respect our Canadian identity on the world stage. I thank all responsible for allowing me to be a part of this team and it is my honour to share this journey with all of you. Go Canada Go!”

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